The company has acquired a prominent position among the companies based in Kolkata offering assistance for Loans. The company offers assistance in procurement of various types of Loans like Home Loans, Unsecured Loans, Working Capital Loans, Loans Against Property and Project Loans. The Loans are arranged from the highly reliable and trusted sources with complete assistance in every aspect of the procurement and repayment of the Loan. The company is known for its efficient and timely handling of the Loan requirements of the clients.

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Home Loan

The purchase of a house or residential property is a dream come true in the present times. The Home Loans or Housing Loans have come up as an ideal arrangement for the financial resources that are required. We are one of the reputed companies offering full assistance in the procurement of the Home Loans. Any qualifying individual can avail a Home Loan subject to the purpose of owing a residence only. Home Loans are not sanctioned to purchase any commercial premises like shops, offices, warehouses or factories. Home Loan is a type of secured loan as the house or residence purchased is mortgaged to the lending institution till the full and final payment of the loan amount. This is a long term loan and the Home Loan repayment period could be anywhere between 5 years to 30 years. The rate of interest generally varies within the range of 8 % to 13% depending upon institution to institution. Floating interest and fixed interest are the available interest calculation options to the borrower of Home Loan/Housing Loan in India.


Mortgage Loan

The company is a Kolkata-based Service Provider offering assistance for getting Loans Against Property. The Loans Against Property or the Mortgage Loans are obtained by the mortgaging the asset with the lending institute. The value of an asset or property should be enough to qualify the sanction of the loan amount as needed by the borrower. The Loan Against Property (Mortgage loan) is opted for when the amount required is considerably more and cannot be raised by the means of Unsecured Loans and the repayment period is comparatively more than 5 years. Generally, the properties having appreciating value in market are considered good for Loans Against Property like Land, Residential or commercial premises etc. The lending institutions follow the procedure of assessing or the valuating the property to ascertain its market and future value and also the authentication of ownership. The borrower cannot mortgage the property not owned by him or her. In that case, the owner of the said property can be a co-borrower and share the liability towards repayment of the loan. This mortgaged property may be liquidated by the lending institute in case a borrower fails to pay the loan. The interest rates are higher than Home Loan but cheaper than Personal Loans or Loans Against Securities.

Loans Against Property Include

  • Loans Against Commercial Property
  • Loans Against Residential Property
  • Loans Against Industrial Property

Business Loan

The company offers complete assistance in the procurement of the Unsecured Loans. The company has long-term contacts with some of the leading Unsecured Loan providers and can effectively arrange for Unsecured Loans. Business Loans is also an individual loan taken to mitigate the business requirements. Business Loans sanctioning authorities generally seek a professional project report with immediate and future projections of business transactions, cash flow and gross profit. No collateral security, mortgage or group members’ guarantee is needed against the business loan.It is an unsecured loan. Business Loan is type of personal loan only but sanctioned to serve the purpose of running a small business. The criterion to get a business loan is not the status of the business but the personal status of finance or capacity of repayment.

Many established business persons too sometimes find themselves in the need of funds and opt for business loan to raise the same. The lending institutions do not prefer to provide startup or seed capital to new business ventures and avoid risk, but are willing to provide funds to those who already have a running business. Generally this type of loan (Business Loan) is provided for business growth purpose.


Working Capital Loan

The company offers services for the sourcing of the Working Capital Loan and is based in Kolkata. The Working Capital Loans can include Cash Credit, Over Drafts, Packing Credits and Post Shipment Finances. The experience of the company and the astute team of the company ensure that the clients get the best Working Capital Loans on favorable terms.

Working Capital Loans Include

  • Cash Credit : Working Capital is also known as Cash Credit. Cash Credit is a facility to withdraw the amount from the business account even though the account may not have enough credit balance. The limit of the amount that can be withdrawn is sanctioned by the bank based on the business cycle of the client and the working capital gap and the drawing power of the client. This drawing power is determined, based on the stock and book debts statements submitted by the borrower at monthly intervals against the security by hypothecating of stock of commodities and/ or book debts. The excess withdrawal of cash is made generally on demand from the customer and the customer has to pay interest on the excess amount he/she has withdrawn. The Cash Credit facility is quite useful to those businesses where cash payment like wages, transportation, cash purchases are to be made and the receivables are not realized in time. We assist our client in availing various other forms of credit facilities.
  • Over Draft
    • Over Draft Against Stock : Traders and manufacturers prefer availing the Over Draft facility against the stock. The value of the stock of goods is assessed by the bank or lending institute and against the same overdraft limit is sanctioned. The amount is gradually settled against the amount of sale of the stock. The value of stock is assessed by physical verification and from the purchase invoices and is ensured that it is fully paid for.
    • Over Draft Against Receivables : Any kind of authenticated receivables like Bills Receivable, Rent Receivables can be pledged as security for the Over Drafts is known as Over Draft Against Receivables. The proceeds of all such receivables are routed through the Over Draft account and immediately settled against the overdrawn amount. However drawings can be allowed against fresh receivables. Thus the amount of receivables remains as a continuing security for all drawings. The bank or lending institute ensures that no other loan or obligation is availed by the customer pledging the same receivables. The amount of receivables and the time required to honor or materialize the receivables are the key factors to determine the limit of Over Draft.
    • Over Draft Against Property : To Avail Over Draft Against Property you have to mortgage your property with the bank or lending institute to get Over Draft Against Property facility. The value of the property generally appreciates hence they are preferred as securities. On defaulting on the settlement of overdrawn amount the bank or lending institute may sell the property to recover the overdrawn amount with interest thereon and balance, if any, is returned to the customer.
  • Packing Credit : Packing Credit is a loan/cash credit facility sanctioned to an exporter in the pre-shipment stage. This loan facilitates the exporter to purchase raw materials at competitive rates and manufacture or produce goods according to the requirement of the buyer and organize to have it packed for onward export. The lending institutions seek a Letter of Credit opened in favor of the exporter from the overseas buyer along with the irrevocable (cannot be canceled once drawn) Purchase Order favoring the exporter. Packing Credit facility will cover all the working capital needs of the exporter including raw materials, wages, packing costs and all pre-shipment costs. Packing Credit is available for generally a period of 90 days and the exporter has to pay lower rate of interest compared to traditional Over Draft or Cash Credit facility. Exporters use this facility so they can bid the most competitive price for export thus gaining more business opportunities for export.
  • Post Shipment Finance : Generally exporters who have availed Packing Credit need finance to clear the Packing Credit availed. This can be done by availing the Post Shipment Finance from the lending institutes or banks. This advance or finance is made available by the lending institutes or banks in the form of export bill discounting facility on raising bills along with the shipping documents and according to the terms and conditions of the L/C issued in favor of the exporter. The usage period generally is between 90 to 180 days starting with the date of shipment. Seller's Credit (extended to exporter) or Buyer's Credit (Overseas Buyer) is the two options available under post shipment finance. It is a most preferred method to finance or fund the export receivables.

Project Loan

The company offers assistance for the procurement of the Project Loans. The Project Loans or the Project Finance is a long term financing of the infrastructure and industrial manufacturing projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of the project sponsors. Practically, a Project Loan also known as project financing, involves equity investors, known as sponsors, as well as banking and other financial institutions that provide loans to the operation. The Project Loan are most commonly non-recourse loans, which are secured by the project assets and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than from the general assets or credit-worthiness of the project sponsors, a decision in part supported by financial modeling. The funding is typically secured by all of the project assets, including the revenue-producing contracts. project lenders are given a lien on all of these assets, and are able to assume control of a project if the project company has complications complying with the loan terms. We offer Project Financing Services by arranging Project Loans from nationalized banks at very competitive terms.

Our Role

  • We offer services to mid and large cap corporate in syndication of debt, as well as, in restructuring of existing debt.
  • We advise our clients on the optimal capital structure depending on the company’s cash flows, growth prospects, industry-specific issues and nature of assets.
  • For all the products, we offer a range of services under the category of debt syndication. The nature of these services varies from one client to another as per the nature of their businesses.
  • We have dealt with almost all the banks and institutions in India. Our adherence to core values and neutral approach has resulted in an exclusive relationship with lenders.
  • With “Out-of-the-box solution” approach, we devise win-win solution for lenders as well as the borrowers.
  • Our in-depth knowledge about the market dynamics and focused experience has enabled us to advise perfect terms.

Project Report
It is the detailed work plan of the project. It is the estimated figures for various items so as to predict the future earnings of the project, on the basis of which the finance request is pitched to the banks, which to a great extent rely on the estimated figures to arrive at the financing decision. We provide Project Report preparation service, so that a favorable proposal could be pitched to the banks for project financing.
CMA Data
The full form of CMA is Critical Monetary Analysis. It is required by Banks and other financial institutions, to introspect or study the minutes of balance sheet and other financial statements of a body corporate for financing their projects. In other words it is the detailed explanation of the balance sheet and other financial ratios of the Firm or any other Body corporate. We provide high quality CMA data preparation services that are well accepted by banks.


Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is an all-purpose loan. It is absolutely hassle free and you can do virtually anything under the sky with the money, as long as you pay off the installments in time. It is an unsecured loan without guarantors, securities, hypothecation or any mortgages. With minimum paper work you can now get a personal loan to fulfill any dream/aspirations of yours or anyone special to you. Personal loans come in handy to immediately payoff huge outstanding amounts on your credit cards or other bills. Short term cash needs are best fulfilled by taking a personal loan. A personal loan can also be used to fulfill a business need as well.



  • Loan can be taken for tenures of up to 5 years.
  • No security or collateral is required.
  • Loan amount can vary from Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 15,00,000.
  • Minimal documentation and quick approvals.
  • Repayment through easy EMI’s.



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