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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property

The company is a Kolkata-based Service Provider offering assistance for getting Loans Against Property. The Loans Against Property or the Mortgage Loans are obtained by the mortgaging the asset with the lending institute. The value of an asset or property should be enough to qualify the sanction of the loan amount as needed by the borrower. The Loan Against Property (Mortgage loan) is opted for when the amount required is considerably more and cannot be raised by the means of Unsecured Loans and the repayment period is comparatively more than 5 years. Generally, the properties having appreciating value in market are considered good for Loans Against Property like Land, Residential or commercial premises etc. The lending institutions follow the procedure of assessing or the valuating the property to ascertain its market and future value and also the authentication of ownership. The borrower cannot mortgage the property not owned by him or her. In that case, the owner of the said property can be a co-borrower and share the liability towards repayment of the loan. This mortgaged property may be liquidated by the lending institute in case a borrower fails to pay the loan. The interest rates are higher than Home Loan but cheaper than Personal Loans or Loans Against Securities.

Loans Against Property Include

  • Loans Against Commercial Property
  • Loans Against Residential Property
  • Loans Against Industrial Property

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